dysto (dysto) wrote,

алеет восток

Ukraine has become the largest corn exporter to China, surpassing the United States. This was surprising, as America has historically possessed a near-monopoly on corn exports to China. Ukraine’s increased role in providing food for China also extends beyond corn. Since the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea, Ukraine has increased its agricultural trade with China by 56 percent.
China also invested significantly in other sectors. In March 2015, China lent Ukraine $15 billion over 15 years, for housing construction to revive Ukraine’s collapsing real estate market.

Кстати, конспирологам на заметку: во время бурных событий зимы 2014, насколько мне известно, ни один камень не залетел в китайское посольство, хотя многое происходило в самой непосредственной близости.

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